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Holistic Healing

Whole body healing with you as the source of your transformation and embodiment. A collaborative blend of ancient, modern, and experiential practices for the heart, soul, body, and mind.

Women’s Heart Circle

Ongoing healing circles for women who want to nurture their feminine, creative, and whole beings with facilitated healing practices by Candice.

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Family Constellations

An in-body and here-and-now process to shift the patterns and limiting ways of being that are connected to the losses and bonds of your ancestry to embody freedom, peace, love, and authenticity.

Healing Retreats

Soulful, healing, and transformative wellness retreats in sacred & beautiful spaces around the world.

Yoga & Yoga Healing Circles

A practice of exploration of who you are being, integration, and connection with Self through deep conversations with the body, awareness, and organic & dynamic movement.

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Body Wise Community

An online community of guided lessons, practices, podcasts, videos and connection for conscious people wanting to grow and evolve.

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Shift your love relationship to a new level of consciousness, intimacy, understanding, evolution, and connection.

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Dive Deep Cleanse

14 Days to reset, rejuvenate, and detox your body, mind, and soul.