I support your healing, transformation and evolution through an integrated and unique blend of somatic therapies and somatic experiencing, family constellations, yoga and yoga philosophy, ayurveda, ancient meditations, karma yoga, and marma/acupressure points. (see holistic healing modalities)

I love to teach and facilitate inner healing to support you in your purpose and self-love.

return home to yourself

The foundation of my holistic approach comes from yoga, which means integration with our Self, the infinite self. My holistic healing sessions support your body wisdom and knowing who you are in relation to all that is around you. Our work can support you in embodying who you truly are, building loving relationships with yourself, how you move through life, and others. (check out some areas of exploration that I specialize in).

ally with vital energy

I believe that our experiences, emotions and dis-ease in the body are part of a whole expression of who you believe you are (consciously and unconsciously), which provide opportunities for self-knowing, transformation, and energy.  By exploring and bringing awareness to these, your natural healing and truth can be cultivated.  so that we can orient towards what is life-giving. I will support you in allying with all of your emotions, so you can navigate your experience with ease and grace, gain wisdom from inside, and reclaim the vital energy that is waiting behind your struggles and challenging emotions.

become aware of & experience your being

To be spiritual is to be, and to be aware of your being.

engage all of you

  • Depending on your needs, we may consider:
  • Physical Symptoms
  • Self-Expression
  • Intentions
  • Food & Diet
  • Environment & Seasonal Changes
  • Marma Point Therapy (Related to Chinese Meridians)
  • Relationships & Social Life
  • Daily Routines & Tantric/Vedic Meditations
  • Emotional & Inner work
  • Spiritual Beliefs, Trauma and Intergenerational Trauma/losses

“Your biography becomes your biology.”~Caroline Myss