Winter, the natural seasonal ending of life, brings us the energy of transformation, death & decay, letting go, elimination, and the rebirth of new mystery and life. It is the natural time to gather up all of what needs to die, and if we follow through, we clear up new and enlivened space for love + life in 2017.

Do you feel like you’re weighted? As if you’re carrying a dead body around?

Let what is anchoring you down be known and die intentionally. Breathe in your natural aliveness to set you in motion this Spring.

Align with the cycle of life/death/life that is essential to feeling alive and creative…your truest and most natural self. Take inventory of what has been weighing on you and transform the energy into compost for the new year.

Claim the power of natural endings to reveal and light up your true reasons to LIVE….an antidote to feeling stuck, depressed, or uncertain. Invigorate clarity of purpose and empowerment to live your present life the way you deeply desire, the life that is authentic to you.

Are you feeling blocked from your connection to joy or what you want in life?

What needs to go or end in your life?

Are you feeling lethargic, confused, unfocused, tired, depressed, or anxious?

Would you like to feel alive, invigorated, connected, and purposeful in your life?

Through written prompts and guided visualization, we will simulate your own death, a “Shaman’s Death,” to stir your inner fire, face your fears, shed limiting beliefs, and look truth in the face to transform self-realization to action. You’ll be guided to EMBODY this transformation in a way that clears up inner space and creativity for the upcoming Spring.


Choose the whole package that includes a 15 minute Post-Experience Consultation with me over the phone. I recommend having the consultation as close to the experience as possible, as emotions or body sensations can stir up.

I will read over your responses and provide extra loving support and encouragement to help you process your experience, propel your insights into action, and provide steps for any healing that may be needed. We will explore next steps and ways to stay supported through the new year.

You may choose to add on the Post-Experience Consultation after you complete the Visualization if you change your mind.


“Useful, uplifting, and revolutionary- This exercise happens to cover all 3 categories. This helped me escape old thinking and take a look and prioritize the values that are closest to my heart. It is a unique way to start sifting through all the GUNK. Yes, this is a death meditation, but don’t be scared by the title. This visualization is so powerful and the perspective unique. Candice is as loving and compassionate as they come, especially in the Post-Experience Consultation. Swoon.”    … Rachael H.

“Candice’s online Ally with Death Meditation was incredibly powerful. It felt like her wisdom, love and guidance transcended my computer screen and I was truly supported by her even though she wasn’t in the room with me. The best part was that I got to talk to her on the phone the next day and that really solidified the already deeply healing and profound experience. Afterwards, I felt a huge sense of relief and a vibration of bravery and joy that I had never experienced before. If you’re ready to do some deep, healing work – I highly recommend this meditation and quite frankly anything that Candice offers!”   … Cat S. of



I recommend investing an uninterrupted 60-120 minutes for the full and deep experience.

There is no time limit on your experience.

If you really want to get into it make plans to do the visualization after sundown.

Light a candle, create a sacred and loving space, put on some moody music or have silence.


*Photo Credit: Cat Sager

Do this side by side with a loved one or partner!

Visualization Experience $25 USD

Visualization + Post-Experience Consultation $50 USD

Add the Post-Experience Consultation Afterwards $30 USD (value of $62.50)

This experience will be emailed to you within 12 hours of your purchase. 

You will receive your recorded responses within 24 hours. In order for the responses to be properly submitted, please write all of your responses in one sitting and click SUBMIT (allot 60-90 minutes).

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