our many selves

Voice dialogue is an exploration of our many selves or sub-personalities to create reclaim the potential that lies in each of our disowned or disliked parts, bring acceptance to all of the parts of who we are, and create freedom. When we resist or disown parts of us, we are in conflict with ourselves and others, as well as are tethered to the parts or energies that we fear. What we resist persists, and in my experience, shows up bigger in our lives. When we find peace with each of the parts of us, they can work in harmony, and in our awareness, we can take in the insight that each part provides us and know ourselves better.

the process of acceptance & wholeness

Through compassionate dialogue and witnessing the body’s changes, I as the facilitator, speak and engage with different parts of you. We may speak with different aspects that carry your anxiety, sadness, joy, fear, compassion, as well as the Protector, Inner Critic, and other voices that may battle inside of you. We may come to understand each part’s function and how they intermingle with other parts.