Ayurveda is an ancient holistic form of Indian medicine. It involves balancing your body to its ideal state in relation to the environment you live in and the seasonal changes. At its deepest and most powerful level, it includes the development of your awareness and consciousness.

I use ayurvedic techniques in psychotherapy, yoga sessions, or private consultations. People have found the techniques and knowledge to be helpful for fatigue, emotional difficulties, headaches, insomnia, pain or physical ailments or weight loss, living meaningfully, and spiritual exploration or concerns.

An ayurvedic consultation may include nutrition & herbs fit for your body’s constitution (dosha), tantric meditations & yoga practices, daily routines, journaling, and marma point therapy tailored to your goals and needs. Marma point therapy is an easy self-care technique using specific points on the body to balance the energetic channels of the body and promote health and balance.