Embody Your Nature

I support people in being whole, embodied, and loving themselves through all levels of the physiology including physical, energetic, mental/emotional, spiritual, and pure consciousness. I use an integrated with blend of spiritual + soul work, trauma and intergenerational trauma healing, Somatic Experiencing and therapies, Family Constellations Healing, yoga and ayurveda, and voice dialogue.

I am a Holistic Healer + Intuitive Coach.

what’s a session like?

what makes your work special?

I use my intuition to connect with you in support of your internal connection and inner wisdom. Together, we enhance your body wisdom and innate healing power with you as the source of your own healing. I facilitate techniques to simply move through emotions and reclaim the wisdom and energy that is behind them, or to complete any incomplete movement that the body is storing and wanting. I believe that our emotions and body sensations want to ally with us and provide us information and self-knowing.

I offer a symphony of transformative healing practices in my back pocket for your specific needs and way of being. Instead of engaging only the head via talking, we engage your whole self. If it is accessible, we bring light into the deepest aspects of your being- your beliefs of yourself- and allow the lies and untruths to release and your energy to be restored through all the levels of your being (Soul, energy, mind, and body).

are we a good fit?

If you are making a difference in the world or desire to, I would love to stand behind you! We will collaborate to shift your challenges into opportunities for knowing yourself deeply so that you can reclaim the energy waiting behind your struggles, and shift into what is easeful, embodied and naturally you!

I am in my passion in empowering people who:

-feel disconnected from themselves and their bodies

-are living a life that is not true or authentic

-are in their passion and feel stress, physical symptoms, or dis-ease

-feel self-critical and hard on themselves, stuck or blocked

-feel overwhelmed emotionally

-desire to get to know themselves and their connection to the Whole on a deeper level

-have trauma or intergenerational trauma (or repetitive negative patterns)

-love life issues or lacking in love and nourishment

-want a more intentional, meaningful life or relationship

-are experiencing loss or grief

-want to make an impact in their lives that is connected with the good of the universe

multidimensional offerings

I offer ongoing Women’s Healing Circles, one-on-one and couples sessions, tips for healing and self-love, international yoga and healing retreats, and a weekly Restorative Yoga class at Bloom Yoga Studio in Chicago, IL.

I share workshops, healing circles, experiences, and retreats all around the world! Book me for a workshop or experience in your community.

I serve individuals, couples, and groups with Holistic Healing sessions, integrative yoga, family constellations, and ayurvedic consultations. I work with clients in person or in the privacy of their own home via Skype/online or phone. I enjoy working with adults, emerging/young adults, and couples.

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background + education

I live, love, breathe and embody my practice! I believe the best training is that which is through human experience.

I was an art teacher and art collaborator with public school communities for six years prior to working as a Holistic Psychotherapist. I shifted into working with people on a larger scale as I began to travel and to shift into my true form as a Healer.

Here are the details of my experience:

BFA in Art Education from Michigan State University

MA in Curriculum and Teaching from Michigan State University

MA in Clinical Psychology from Illinois School of Professional Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Illinois since 2014

Pure Yoga Teacher Training (200-hr)

Advanced Integrative Yoga + Ayurveda in the Darshan System of Yoga (500-hr)

Vedic + Tantric Science

Indigenous Studies

Prenatal Health Studies

Bija Mantra/Sound Mantra Meditation

Kriya Yoga Meditation Initiation

Zen Buddhist Meditation

Somatic Experiencing (Intermediate Student)

Voice Dialogue

Family Constellations

Soul Work + Spirituality

Tavistock Group Relations Process

Community Projects + Public Artworks as a Resident Artist

Corporate Wellness

Retreat and Conference Building

Trading Tribe Process